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We are the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
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SVDP Rhode Island Tweets

ProvidenceSVDP @ProvidenceSVDP
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
Helping people is a vocation. Learn about one Wisconsin couple's work with #SVDP, from @cathnewslive. READ: https://t.co/uzCc29kB5y 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
"How being poor wrecks your chances of good legal representation" from @cnalive. READ: https://t.co/nmWZ3vkC1s #poverty #poor #SVDP 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
We believe in action. Let's go right to those who need us most. VOLUNTEER WITH US: https://t.co/6yUTPrS9Xg https://t.co/rASilUPgbo 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
The @USCCB has issued a statement today condemning the practice of predatory payday lending. READ: https://t.co/S1XdcmjtUQ 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
June 12 Afternoon of Recollection aboard the Argia. Originally planned for KofC, now open to everyone! Learn more: https://t.co/Qxeuhq23Vt 

Join St. Vincent de Paul Rhode Island this morning at the Da Vinci Community Center in Providence as we team up with Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless and other local organizations at their Housing Clinic. ...

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