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We are the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
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SVDP Rhode Island Tweets

ProvidenceSVDP @ProvidenceSVDP
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
Poverty doesn't hit certain places or communities equally. Learn about poverty rates and fluctuations across the US: https://t.co/zBXZz3V55q 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
RT @svdpusacouncil:Today is the anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Mission by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625. https://t.co/aibTAe9DEy 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
#PovertyAwareness Fact: In 2014, approximately 47 million people lived in poverty in the U.S. That's nearly 1 out of every 7 Americans. 
SVDP Rhode Island  @ProvidenceSVDP
What's it like living at the poverty line? Learn of the trials millions of Americans face daily. #PovertyAwareness https://t.co/KsIBdrvzsN 

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