Vincentian Toolbox

“The poor suffer less from a lack of generosity than from a lack of organization.” - St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul meets the Beggar, Christ.

St. Vincent de Paul meets the Beggar, Christ.

As Vincentians, we participate in a worldwide movement with its own unique history, spirituality, and organization. As the quote above suggests, it is not enough to have a desire to serve those in need. To be effective, that desire must be formed and focused by the Rule and Statutes of the Society. We have a way of doing things that has been tested over our 180-year history. To be a Vincentian is to embrace that way, not rigidly or uncritically, but in a spirit of charity, friendship, and service.

For Vincentian leaders this is doubly true. By accepting positions of leadership, you have accepted responsibility for teaching and enforcing the Rule. You have also agreed to be accountable: to your donors and members; to the people you serve; to higher level Councils; and to the government, which has a natural role to play in ordering society towards the common good (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1897-1905). This means scheduling and conducting meetings according the Rule, preparing and submitting required reports, tracking finances and “case” records, and other responsibilities.

The following resources are made available to all Vincentians, whether in leadership or not. If you have suggestions for additional material, please alert us. We want this “toolbox” to be an invaluable resource for all our members.

NOTE! If something you need isn’t here, always check the National Council website, which has an incredible range of materials addressing every topic of concern to Vincentians and Vincentian leaders. Visit that page here.